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Currently in over 56 countries, Face the Current is a growing global community of individuals who aspire to lead a conscious, healthy lifestyle and inspire positive change in the world. Through our family of global contributors we share stories, experiences, perspectives, and expertise to provide fuel for an inspired life—guiding us to live our passions and be our potential.

Dr. Jim Bentz
D.PSc., NIS Practitioner
Dr. James Bentz, D.PSc. is a Chiropractor, Speaker, Health Coach & Educator, Trainer & Leading Practitioner in Neurological Integration System (NIS), which is a method of restoring communication between the brain and body based on the principle that the brain monitors every cell in the body.
Fidalgo Island Health Center
David Ryan
Celebrity Fitness Trainer
David Ryan is a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles, California and creator of LIFTSTRONG Max Intensity Interval Training. You can download his latest LIFTSTRONG High Intensity Interval Training program on his website.
Tom Archer
Adventure Photographer
Tom is an award winning freelance photographer, writer and teacher based in London. He began his love for photography in his early 20s and has worked as a freelance photographer for 6 years. His style incorporates epic and dramatic landscapes, showing the scale and beauty of the world.
Michael Malone
Comedian, Actor, Film Director
Michael is an American Comedian, Actor, Director, and Podcaster. His popular comedy podcast "Punched Up" explores the stories behind the comedians you love. Michael writes on "Great Comedians. Great Stories. Told Differently."
Naia Reid
Naia was formerly the Editor of BG Life Magazine, Marbella. A copywriter for years for a Google-Affiliated website design company, before writing, reporting and photographing for Andalucía’s largest English newspaper conglomerate: Euro Weekly News. She channeled her creative talent and vision for a better world into helping with the creation and development of FtC into a broad and multi-faceted platform for people to come together and make a difference.
Woody Woodrow
Musician & Yoga Instructor
Woody Woodrow is a touring musician and yoga instructor. On and off the road he enjoys guiding others through their practice. He believes through relaxation we have no limits to what we can accomplish. Woody is a 200hr RYT and a Strala guide having trained with his friend and mentor Tara Stiles. Music is naturally an important part of his practice and his classroom setting reflects just that.
Dr. Jeremy Princi
Sports Chiropractor and Holistic Health Coach (CHEK)
Dr. Jeremy Princi is an expert in health and wellness and registered Chiropractor. Jeremy has undertaken post-graduate studies in Sports Chiropractic, International Sports Chiropractic and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (CHEK Institute). Jeremy has an inspired passion for organic and biodynamic farming. His vision is to re-connect food, farming, fitness and healing into one holistic model of health, which supports, honors, and respects Mother Earth.
Dr. Vaughn Bowman
Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Vaughn Bowman is a board certified Naturopathic Physician licensed in the state of Connecticut. For nearly two decades he has treated patients of all ages with a myriad of different conditions from the common cold to debilitating autoimmune conditions. The goal is to always locate the underlying cause for any one illness rather than treat superficial symptoms and by doing so Dr. Bowman has led many patients back to health.
Jesse Weinberg
Founder of Global Yodel & Global Yodel Media Group
Jesse Weinberg is Founder of Global Yodel Media Group, a content, influencer and social marketing agency, Global Yodel a digital community that explores the globe from a local perspective and Kindness & Co dedicated to starting a movement of kindness.
George Bullard
World Record-breaking Explorer, Endurance Athlete
George Bullard is a 4x world record-breaking explorer, endurance athlete and motivational speaker. George has been guiding expeditions in the Amazon rainforest, the Indian subcontinent, the Greenland Icecap, Svalbard, cycling across Europe, driving through NW Africa amongst others. Now George completes his own expeditions as well as running a company IGO Adventures.
Jerry Angelini
MS, Education Director of Host Defense Organic Mushrooms
Jerry Angelini, MS, is the Education Director and part of the formulation team for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. In these roles, he has brought information to professionals as well as the general public in the United States and Canada regarding the traditional use as well as the most recent research associated with mushrooms and herbs.
Chris Assaad
Chris Assaad is a singer-songwriter from Toronto who left a promising career in law several years ago to follow his heART and his passion for music. Since then, Chris has been sharing his eclectic blend of soulful roots music across the globe and actively using his voice to enCOURAGE others to live a life they love. Chris is also a writer, storyteller, creativity coach and inspirational force and is known by some as the author of a written quote that was recently shared, liked, and reposted over a million times on social media.
Nick Cisik
Actor, Writer, Musician
Nick Cisik is a graduate of New York University where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He has enjoyed performing as an actor and musician in New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Nick currently resides in northern California where he enjoys the peace and privacy of mountain life. It is here that he is free to read, write, and travel all the while reaping the benefits of clean living and moderate craft beer consumption.
Sabrina Hutchinson
Entertainment PR CEO
Sabrina Hutchinson is CEO of Defiant Public Relations, an entertainment PR firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. With over 15 years of PR, marketing and advertising experience, Hutchinson has worked closely with celebrity talent, creatives and top corporate clients and has extensive experience in entertainment and digital marketing, delivering smart communication strategies, passion, creativity and integrity to the clients she serves.
Tomek Wyczesany
Paradigm Shift Scientist
Tomek Wyczesany holds a PhD in Asymmetric Catalysis and Masters degree in Organic Chemistry. With over 12 years of experience from universities in the UK (QMUL), Australia (USYD, UTS), and Poland (UJ) he uses his scientific knowledge to empower people to re-engineer their lives from within. He facilitates a paradigm shift in thinking and transforms the innermost attitude of every person.
Kyle Clements
Actor, Filmmaker
Kyle Clements is an actor, award winning filmmaker, and traveler based in Los Angeles, CA. His passion lies in story and adventure. His life is inspired by movement. If he doesn’t have a pen or camera in hand, then he’s probably on his motorcycle, sailing, or plotting his next adventure.
Jack Belcher
Host of From Dubai With Love Trance Podcast
Jack Belcher has taken the internet by storm since 2013 with his fast paced forward thinking approach to trance music. His weekly podcast, From Dubai With Love, is listened to in over 40 countries around the world and regularly features guests such as Ferry Corsten, Lange, Solarstone, Andy Moor and Neelix.
Emily Cleland
Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Guide
After her spiritual awakening in her early 20's she began to study and to develop proficiency in the Healing Arts including, Healing Touch, Matrix Energetics, Empowered Spiritual Life Coaching, Integrative Energy Healing & Advanced Soul Realignment. A constant student of life, Emily loves to share her inner ponderings and reflections on the nature of this reality, consciousness, human evolution and Universal Laws through writing and coaching. She has been a blogger and radio show host for several years sharing stories, insights and wisdom on these subjects.
Marcelline Walker
Creative and Holistic Health Advocate
Marcelline Walker is a Wife. Mother. Creative. Virgo. Oil Slinger. Free spirit. Avid researcher and lover of all things natural. Growing up on a farm, she knows what it's like to eat whole organic foods direct from the source. She loves to research and ask questions like- What are the products made from? Where are the products made? Are the people making them treated fairly? She wants to live in a way that helps make the world a better place, rather than add to its problems. I just want better options for herself and her family. She loves helping people, asking the questions to find a better path.