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Meet Our Team

We are a growing global team of visionaries whose intention is to generate a ripple effect of positive change in the world, through connecting, supporting and developing at an individual and global community level. We are passionate about building our network of experts and industry leaders to deliver cutting edge information to our global community. Currently our team is based in the U.S., Spain, Canada, U.K., and Germany.

Sasha Frate
Founder & Editor in Chief
Sasha is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Face the Current, global purpose driven media company and aspirational lifestyle magazine. She received her Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Science, and Society, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics with language focuses on Spanish and Russian. A self-proclaimed “professional student” for her love of learning, Sasha continues to study a variety of subjects within and outside of the academic setting. As a perspective seeker, adventurer, and explorer, Sasha brings her personal moonshot approach to life to Face the Current, aiming to create an experience to grow a global community where we inspire one another to stay curious, never stop exploring, and to live with purpose and to our potential.
Based in Washington State, US
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Ainsley Schoppel
Co-Editor in Chief
Ainsley is a classical pianist, former figure skater, and loves summers at the lake in northern Ontario. She holds an honors BA in Psychology and Arts & Business, and also earned a graduate degree in Hospitality and Business Management while working at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. After working in Toronto on published women-focused research, she moved outside the city to raise her family. While home with her son, she indulges her love of the written word with freelance editing.
Based in Canada
Sema Garay
Executive Designer
Sema is the graphic designer behind the development of the image and magazine of Face the Current. He has developed a multitude of projects, including his previous job leading the Creative Department of BG Life Magazine, in Marbella, Spain. Sema graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture at ETSA of Sevilla and is proficient in a wide range of design software. He is passionate about all kinds of artistic expressions, and when not active behind the scenes of Face the Current design, you're likely to find him playing music for Beach Grooves Global Radio or local venues along the Costa del Sol.
Based in Sevilla, Spain
Victoria Wagner
Marketing Director
Victoria (Tory) is a marketing professional who thrives on helping companies get where they need to go. Tory uses her love of storytelling, and obsession with organizing, to help small businesses and nonprofits grow, so they can focus on impacting their communities. Tory graduated with a degree in Marketing from Washington State University and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. When not on the job, she can be found with her nose in a book, baking bread, and going on big adventures with her little dog, Piglet.
Based in Oregon, US
Jawn Angus
Sports Editor
Jawn Angus is a runner who has competed in 44 marathons in 38 US states, Canada and Australia. He is also an Ironman triathlete and owner of Marathawn Jawn Coaching based out of Seattle, WA and Scottsdale, AZ. Jawn is an RRCA Level II run coach, USA Triathlon Level I coach, and ISSA Strength & Conditioning certified trainer who offers running, triathlon and strength coaching online. He holds a degree in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching from Arizona State and studied Sports Nutrition and Exercise Immunology in Australia. When he’s not running, Jawn likes to soak up the Arizona sunshine.
Based in Arizona, US
Chris Assaad
Music Content Curator
Chris is a Canadian singer-songwriter who left a promising career in law to follow his heart and passion for music. His fire for music was ignited shortly after he began exploring his love of singing when he was forced to overcome a rapidly progressing hearing loss condition. Two miraculous surgeries later, Chris was given the gift of perfectly restored hearing and a second chance, cementing his path of a life dedicated to his artistry. Since then, Chris has been sharing his eclectic blend of soulful roots music, heart-opening songs and stories across the globe and actively using his voice to inspire others to follow their innermost calling.
Based in Toronto, Canada