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Discover Deals From Values Driven Brands

Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current

Take advantage of our brand partner offers! We believe in the purpose driven missions of these brands who are making a positive impact through their efforts. You can learn more about our featured partners and check out their special offers below.

Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current Sunlighten Sauna Logo Impact
Discover Deals From Values Driven Brands Sunlighten Sauna Mission
Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current Sunlighten Sauna Impact

Sunlighten is the number one sauna brand recommended by health experts! In fact, after appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Price is Right, Sunlighten’s patented innovation solidified itself as an in-demand health and healing product in America. Many professional athletes across the country use Sunlighten saunas to recover from training sessions and injuries. Learn more about the health benefits, impacts and mission of Sunlighten Saunas in our complete article, HERE.

Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current Sauna Girl Mission


Save $200 on your Sunlighten cabin or $100 on your Solo, plus FREE shipping! Mention FaceTheCurrent for this special offer!

Brave Soles believes in the power of circular fashion to build a better future for all of us. Founded in 2017 by Christal Earle, Brave Soles is focused on crafting classically styled men’s and women’s footwear and accessories with upcycled materials and ethical, small scale production chains. Our handcrafted shoes have up-cycled tire soles and all accessories are crafted from reclaimed leather from aircraft seats and other sources.


Save 15% off your entire order with CODE: FACETHECURRENT

Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current Bodhi Organic Tea Mission

Bodhi Organic Tea is an Australian family-run, multi award winning herbal tea company that specializes in premium certified organic functional teas. Bodhi Organic Teas are naturopathically blended to support and enhance people’s health and wellbeing. Each delicious Bodhi blend has been carefully formulated to contain functional herbs that aim to help remedy specific health concerns including boosting memory and mood, supporting liver detoxification and immune function, and easing anxiety and aiding sleep.

Discover Deals From Values Driven Brands Face the Current Bodhi Tea Organic Impact

Bodhi’s delicious and unique tea blends are made from the finest quality organic whole loose leaves which deliver a fuller richer flavor. Bodhi teas are free from added flavorings, sugars and sweeteners, just the pure clean taste of the carefully chosen teas, herbs and spices that go into each blend. 

Discover Deals From Values Driven Brands Face the Current Bodhi Mission

At Bodhi, the health of their customers and the planet is of fundamental importance to their mission. That’s why they pack their teas in sustainable, plant-based biodegradable bags and recyclable boxes as part of their ongoing commitment to minimizing negative impacts on our environment.


Save 15% on your first order with coupon code ‘WELLNESS’

In 2009, Annmarie Skin Care was launched as a natural, sustainable, and conscious unisex skincare line. Through their research into industry practices, the team at Annmarie Skin Care has uncovered hidden processes in ingredient production, chemical derivatives in so-called “natural ingredients”, and other manufacturing shortcuts and oversights. These investigations have helped Annmarie Skin Care to establish their own processes to ensure high-quality products that will deliver dependable and honest results.

This starts with organic and wild-crafted ingredients, and as Annmarie Skin Care’s philosophy goes, if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. That means that all products are free from alcohols, synthetic chemicals, harsh preservatives, and synthetic fragrances. Using organics sourced from farmers that use little to no pesticides and only natural fertilizers also ensures that the environment and its precious ecosystems remain intact. Learn more in their article HERE.


Try the all-new Essentials Collection, made for all ages, unisex, and all skin types. 

  • Renew, A gentle, pH-balanced cream cleanser to nourish and refresh skin daily. Cleanse and hydrate with organic aloe vera.
  • Radiate, This all-natural facial oil promotes flawless, dewy skin with 14 potent plant botanicals. Scented with invigorating notes of nature.
  • FREE shipping to the US & Canada (an additional savings of $5.95)
  • A money-back promise, to try these products and see the results—beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. Not impressed? Returns are easy, no questions asked. 

A limited-time offer, purchase oil and get the cleanser for free (a $23 value!)

Check out the Clean Beauty Trial Set. It includes a full routine of clean and complex elixirs (including two free formulas!), all but guaranteed to hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin and lift your spirit. It’s a genuine beauty boost and MADE SAFE®-certified, something to take comfort in. The MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients™) seal literally means products only made with safe ingredients, without toxic chemicals known to harm our health.

For $19.99, you can nourish your skin naturally with FIVE total products to try: 

  • The pH-balanced Aloe Herb Cleanser (1oz) and ultra-hydrating Anti-Aging Serum (5ml), two core essentials that leave skin supple, nourished, and flawless with purely natural ingredients.  
  • One FREE sample, made with organic ingredients: the Anti-Aging Facial Oil, a luxuriously herb-infused elixir that delivers dewy, glowing skin.
  • FREE shipping (for US and Canadian residents only).
  • A 100% money-back promise if you are not satisfied with your order.
  • Includes: FREE Charcoal Cacao Mask (1/8 oz) & Kaolin Micro Exfoliant (1/8 oz)


Founded by Anjanette and Dominic Sinesio, Crystals for Humanity was created to design beautiful crystal jewelry to nurture every wearer. With a mission to spread love and help heal the world through the magnificence of crystals, the pair began by starting Gem-Water.com, offering a collection of products to encourage the practice of mindful hydration. Now, the Sinesios’ intention is to inspire and support the mind, body, and spirit of the individual, all in the service of our collective wellness on this planet.

Get a FREE sleeve with your first purchase of a ViA water bottle with code: FTCSLEEVE 

You can also feel good knowing that, starting with 528, each Crystals for Humanity collection that is launched will have a charitable component. Every necklace purchased from the 528 line contributes $5.28 to non-profit organizations committed to making a difference in the world, starting with Together Rising.

SAVE 10% off jewelry with code:  FTC10

Save 10% off reusable crystal straws with code:  FTC10

Discover Deals From Values Driven Brands Face the Current Mountain Madness Mission
Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current Elephant Mission

In 1984, Mountain Madness was born out of the desire to share the challenge, beauty, and joy of mountaineering, climbing, trekking, and skiing with others. The enduring mission of founders Scott Fischer and Wes Krause (the world’s 2nd team to stand atop Kilimanjaro’s infamous Breach Icicle) was to offer the highest quality experience possible for beginner to advanced adventure seekers alike. Learn more about their story and impact in our interview with owner Mark Gunlogson HERE.

Take Advantage of Our Brand Partner Offers at Face the Current Mountain Madness Mission


Save $100 on international treks and climbs, and $50 on all domestic trips.  Use code: “facethecurrent”

Valid through July 30, 2022.

ION*Gut Health has been shown to promote the strengthening of the gut barrier, which supplies the first line of defense against everyday exposures to environmental and food borne toxins like glyphosate and gluten that can degrade tight junctions in the epithelial layer of the gut lining. ION*Gut Health helps with inflammatory response, enhancing mental clarity, promoting immune function, supporting digestion, and alleviating gluten sensitivity.


“Free Gift Bundle”

Purchase a two month supply of ION*Gut Health and receive a FREE handy travel bottle ($15 value) that supports compliance with ION* on-the-go, to always keep the inner armor intact.

You’ll get FREE shipping too!

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