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Summer is here! The renewal of spring has energized us and we feel vital again, full of life and potential. Having vitality also means maintaining a meaningful existence, flexibility, and positivity in a world that is in constant fluctuation.  In this issue, we explore a variety of ways to enhance and maintain our vitality.  Face the Current sits down with X Ambassadors who urge us to “Be JOYFUL” and have the courage to stay strong in being yourself and caring for one another as we discuss their inspiring music, personal values, upcoming festival, and the ways in which theyfind joy in life by exercising mindfulness. Flowing in the musical current, Tim Wu, known as EDM success Elephante, delivers a lesson in listening to your heart, assessing your fulfillment, and re-directing your life where needed.

We glean from the in depth research of New York Times Bestselling authors Dan Buettner and Sarah Wilson to guide our vitality.  The Blue Zonesauthor, Dan Buettner provides us with meaningful action-steps from “Blue Zones” around the world that lead to longevity and happiness; and Sarah Wilson aims to ignite change in the world through her new book First, We Make the Beast Beautiful. Her book tells how to leave those quick fixes behind and reveals how we can turn the “beast” of anxiety into something more positive once we realize the purpose it serves and its ability to bring incredible depth, richness, and wholeness to our lives.

Face the Current explores what vitality of humanity looks like with Dr. Bruce Lipton in the second of his three-part interview.

“The evolution we should be striving for is not competition, but cooperation. Higher love is recognizing that it’s the love of humanity that we’re supposed to have.” ~Dr. Bruce Lipton

He also discusses factors of our vitality such as piezoelectricity, sound therapy, somatic energy, and consciousness, while investigating karma as a two-way street.

Matt Belair shares some essential components of vitality as they apply to sports performance, encouraging us to change our personal world in order to change the planet.  Yogis Missy Kai and Woody Woodrow discuss the benefits of yoga therapy, and prAna Ambassador Nathaniel Coleman takes us through his world of climbing with exciting terrain that is paving the way to a bright future!

We also roam the planet to revitalize through world travels to Austria, Bali, Antigua, and beyond to follow filmmaker Mike Bishop as he highlights vulnerable animal populations that game reserves in Namibia are protecting and rehabilitating. Plus we join Peace for Animals as they visit several African locations to understand more about the vitality of our endangered wildlife.

Vitality itself is a multifaceted state, affecting us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We hope this issue uplifts you and inspires you to shake off stagnant habits, open your heart and mind to new sources of joy, and to feel the warmth and satisfaction of living an energetic life. Get out there, it’s SUMMER!

Face the Current is stoking its own vitality by moving to quarterly publications! Stay tuned for our exciting changes!

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