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Egypt ‘The Grand Return’ – Unique Sponsorship Opportunity


Face the Current presents a fantastic sponsorship opportunity with this incredibly unique, special VIP access Egypt tour titled “The Grand Return”!  In August 2019 Face the Current Founder, Sasha Frate has obtained special access to travel deeper throughout Egypt, beyond what is seen, experienced, and known by most people.  She will be accompanied by Parashakti, Founder of Dance of Liberation and together they will tour with an expert Archeologist-Researcher, Mohamed Zakaria in Egypt to visit many areas of sites that are normally not permitted to access.  As a team they will be capturing the “Indiana Jones” style journey along the way and cover aspects of ancient history, archeology, adventure travel, culture, science, and even important things concerning the Earth’s history!  This is “The Grand Return”!

Our Local Guide

In 2017, Face the Current Founder, Sasha Frate traveled in Egypt with special access to spend the night of a full moon inside the three Great Pyramids of Giza. She also gained access to the subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid, and other sites such as Abu Ghurab that is not open to the public.  Sasha toured with guides who have an extensive background and knowledge that goes way beyond mainstream, or textbook explanations.  One of these guides in particular intrigued her to remain in contact and return to Egypt at some point to learn more from him.  This guide, Mohamed Zakaria is an Archeologist and Researcher and is one of the people frequently called upon by government and royalty to excavate new sites and valuate artifacts. His ability to speak several languages, including Sumerian and interpreting hieroglyphics, also adds to his enhanced understanding of Egypt’s incredible ancient history. Zak has worked alongside some of the world’s top scientists and researchers to uncover new insights, including more recently with NASA over a 6 month period with some of their new technologies translating energies, sounds, and information gathered from various sites and tombs.

‘The Grand Return’ is not just a name for advertising. It’s a real story, and I can see it every day through my research and work. It’s a story I am ready to share.     –Mohamed Zakaria

Sphinx in 2017 / Photo by Sasha Frate


When we say “travel deeper,” we mean it!  Our mission is to share stories, information, and sites lesser known and/or seldom visited alongside an expert researcher who can share a whole new level of knowledge, interpretations, and perspectives.  Many of the places we visit will be sites anyone else can go to, but we will go to see the other side of these places, that people normally can’t see or access and be capturing a much deeper understanding.

UNDER the Sphinx

We will go into the chamber below the Sphinx to see what lies below!  This is just one of many areas of famous sites that we will spend time at, but this is perhaps the most intriguing. Access is so unusual that people are still debating whether anything even exists below the Sphinx!

The Not Yet Opened Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

We will have special access to what will become the world’s largest archeological museum. More than 30,000 artifacts have never been shown before, including archaeological discoveries from recent decades and monumental pieces too large for the present Egyptian Museum in central Cairo’s Tahrir Square.  While the new Grand Egyptian Museum is partly open, no new items have been shown yet; only items moved from the old museum. We will visit 3 restoration labs to see some of the artifacts being prepared for display and get a “sneak peek” of all of the development taking place.

Rami Magdy works on the restoration of a chariot from Tutankhamun’s tomb at the Wood Laboratory in the Grand Egyptian Museum’s conservation center. Credit: Dana Smillie

Desert Oasis: Aswan and Fayum

Here, it is possible to experience ancient sounds in the desert.  Such sounds can also be experienced in certain temples, and this is one area Zak has been working with NASA on to interpret and explain, and producing incredible results!

Important Points Along the Nile River

We will cover all the important points along the river Nile: it was the energy map of ancient Egypt.  We will look at how Even the Coptic area that most people consider to be Christian or religious places, we will look at how it was something else before this, and this “something else” is why all the religions chose it to build their first ever temples.


Saqqara name comes from Soker Neter ( God ) soker. To understand Saqqara is to understand the name and the meaning. It is considered an important location on our tour to help tell the bigger picture story.

El Minya and Beni Hasan Tombs (dating back to 2000 BC)

El Minya is home to the remains of a pyramid that virtually nobody is talking about.  We will look at the significance of this pyramid while visiting the remains.

“Zawiyat al-Mayyit Seen” Hundreds of tombs crammed together at the City of the Dead. Eastern side of the Nile. El Minya.

Plus Many More Sites, Including…

Memphis: 800 Ton Statue of Ramses II

Luxor Temple

Habu Temple

Seti I Temple

For sponsorship details please contact:

Sasha Frate:  sasha@facethecurrent.com

*Disclaimer:  Itinerary subject to change if necessary for safety reasons and/or unforeseen issues arise.